Chicco Baby Feeding Bottle Sterilizer 3 in 1 for 6 Bottles & Accessories

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Key Features:

  • Chicco Sterilizer 3 in 1 helps in simplifying mothers’ daily practice of sterilization and eliminates germs naturally, safely and effectively with the help of steam
  • Effective Sterilization: Eliminates 99.9% harmful household germs resulting in effective sterilization
  • 24-hour Protection: Keeps the bottles/objects sterilized for up to 24 hours till the time lid is closed
  • Adjustable and Slim: Provides an option to choose from 3 different configuration: full size (6 bottles), compact (2 bottles) and microwave (2 bottles) based on the number of objects/items to be sterilized
  • Compact Eco and Fast Sterilization: Fast and easy to use, sterilizes in just 5 minutes (warming time excluded) while also offering an advantage to carry along while travelling. Also, allows saving up to 25% of time and energy
  • Automatic Safe Stop: Switches off automatically at the end of the cycle
  • The steps of sterilization are so simple that even when the mother is not at home, anybody can manage it in her absence
  • Sterilizer works on the process of intense steam that effectively cleans the baby utensils without affecting the product quality
  • Require power plug

Natural effectiveness

  • Sterilising effectively with steam, with no chemical additives.
  • 24-hour protection: As long as the lid is closed, the objects will remain disinfected
  • Easy to use
  • Sterilises in just 5 minutes (warming time excluded)

Brand – Chicco
Type – Steri Natural 3 In 1
Age – 0 Months+
Package Dimensions – 26 x 20 x 39 cm
Color – White


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