Safe-o-kid Up and Down Bedrail Guard for Baby Safety, Pink Pack of 1, 5FT (Pink)

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Adjustable Bed Rail for Babies

This is a specially structured bed rail made for baby cots and beds. The rail measures about 153 cm in breadth and 63 cm in height. With this type of bed rail, the safety of the bed is increased so that the baby can sleep or play within the enclosure safely. This enclosure can be adjusted with a slide-up or down feature for convenience.


Strong Metallic Framework

The frame of the bed rail is made with a metallic structure that provides a strong enclosure. This metallic design is reliable, and the baby can lean against it for added support. There is a mesh fabric enclosure attached to the metallic framework that keeps the baby safe. This is a soft and see-through fabric that helps in providing a breathable enclosure to the child. The mesh structure adds to the adjustable quality as it can be slid up or down conveniently.

Additional Storage Pocket

There is an additional storage pocket provided in the bed rail structure. This pocket may be useful in stacking any baby care items that are required during the day or night. From a baby feeding bottle, diaper, wet wipe, and steriliser, to any moisturiser required, you can add any baby care accessory to this pocket.

Easy to Clean Structure

The mesh and metal-based bed rail can be maintained in a clean and hygienic condition, always with the washable feature. The mesh fabric is soft and lightweight and can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine. This keeps a tidy and safe surrounding on the bed for essential baby care.

Simple Installation Structure

The mesh cum metallic bed rail has a simple installation procedure that can be quickly added to the sides of the bed. The quick installation method involves adding the railing end to end with the installation requisites provided.


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